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Check your website’s health and find out how Google ranks your website

The Online Health Scan offers a comprehensive analysis of your website’s performance using Google's Core Web Vitals, which serve as critical benchmarks for search engine rankings.

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This report will accurately show you what’s good about your website and more importantly, what needs improvement.

Page Experience and Core Web Vitals are pivotal in understanding and enhancing user interactions with a website. Page experience evaluates various facets of a user's journey, helping businesses optimise their websites for seamless browsing experiences on diverse platforms. Core Web Vitals represent a set of user-centric metrics focusing on three essential aspects: speed, responsiveness, and visual stability. These metrics play a significant role in Google's search ranking algorithm, providing a holistic assessment of a webpage's overall user experience.

The Online Health Scan also delves into the homepage content, ensuring that vital business information is readily available. This accessibility contributes to a smoother user experience and is crucial for achieving higher search engine rankings.

Furthermore, the report breaks down website performance, assigning grades for both mobile and desktop versions. It evaluates page speed, large content loading times, interactivity, and visual stability, offering insights into optimising these critical elements for an improved online presence.

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